About the founder
Lt Col Suresh Patil

Lt. Col. Suresh Patil (retd.) is the Managing Trustee and Founder President of
GREEN THUMB Environment Protection Group India
and established it in 1993, after his retirement from Indian Army. He has an excellent service record with the Armed Forces and is also a well known Environmentalist.

Apart from his environmental activities he also runs two more NGOs namely

.1. Justice for Jawans-welfare of war widows, ex-service men, service men
.2. Chhatrapati Shivaji Muslim Brigade: Manav Jodo Abhiyaan-NationalIntegration Program Drive


  • He is a true Gandhian by philosophy and gave his full time for the cause of nation building activities. He has received more than 20 awards for his excellence, few to name are...
  • Environmentalist of the year award ” in year 1994 at the hands of Mr. Mohan Dharia (Ex cabinet minister GOI).
  • Dubai International award for creation of Nalla park and bird Sanctuary on wasteland in year 2005.
  • Publicly felicitated by the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation for the work done on Environment and for Youth development Program in 1989.
  • Publicly felicitated by Pune Municipal Corporation for the work done on environment and social work in 1992.
  • Felicitated by Prince Phillip, Duke Of Edinburgh,President WWF in 1994.
  • Felicitated by the hands of Shri Balasaheb Bharde for eco restoration activities.
  • Felicitated by ‘KRANTI - SENA’ at the hands of Shri Anna Saheb Hazare
  • Attended ‘EARTH SUMMIT, held in Rio, Brazil,1992. Only Indian army officer to do so.
  • Felicitated by the Mayor and Commissioner of Police of Mumbai for his act of bravery for nabbing a dreaded gangster in Navi Mumbai.
  • Took active part in 1971 Indo Pak War in Bangladesh and also in Western Sector where critically wounded by enemy shelling.
  • Presented papers on Watershed Development and Waste Land Development, at WWF Headquarters in Switzerland.
  • Attended conference and presented papers on rain harvesting Management and waste land development in MALTA at The World Provisional Parliament.
  • He took up the campaign against “land grab” by the Ex-President of India, Pratibha Patil, building a palatial post retirement mansion on a sprawling 2,42,000 sq ft in prime defence land in Khadki.
  • Served for 25 years in various sector of battle field Involving leadership/management of troops, exercising of
    Judicial, legal and financial powers.
with the best wishes for a better earth tomorrow!

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