Lakhs of trees have been planted through `Green Thumb' in past ten years in & around Pune. `GreenThumb' has a proven track record of wherewithal for such activity.

To name a few:-

  • `Abdul Hamid' Pakshi Teertha'
    (No of trees1,50,000)
    Location:- Opp Agakhan Palace, Nagar Road Pune;
  • `Temblai Hill Pakshi Teertha'
    (No of trees 1,00,000)
    Location:- Kolhapur
  • `Bogra' Nala Park
    (No of trees 50,000)
    Location:- Near Race course, Cantt, Pune. Butterfly lane
    (No of trees aprox. 5000)
    Location:- Nehru Marg.
  • Extensive Environment awareness campaign to include following :
    Essay competition
    On the spot nature photo competition.
    Slogan competition
with the best wishes for a better earth tomorrow!
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