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Green Thumb and City-based social organisation - Parivartan have launched a drive to remove silt from a stretch of 22-km along the sides of the Khadakwasla dam till Panshet to help increase its storage capacity.

Khadakwasla is an important dam since it is the only source of drinking water for the city. It was built in 1889 when the population of Pune was barely 1 lakh.

Today Pune’s population is more then 60 lakhs and the storage capacity of dam has reduced approximately by 50%.

Due to the deforestation in the catchment area, the top soil has been washed off into the dam over the years.

The silt, needs to be removed immediately to increase the storage capacity of the dam.

It has been observed that water in the four dams (Varasgaon, Panshet, Temghar and Khadakwasla) are not proving sufficient to meet the annual water requirements of the city and agriculture. The city has been facing water cuts for the last three years. It is difficult to find a site to construct a new dam, hence, removal of silt from the existing dams is the only

immediate solution.

The rain water which flows down to the dam, is retained and not flushed off by opening the dam gates with fewer rain spells.

The Government is scheduling an expenditure of 20,000 crores by planning a new dam nearby, to fulfill water needs of Pune city.

This expenditure is irrelevant, as de-silting of the Khadkwasla dam is comparatively a cheaper and faster solution.

Automatically the water storing capacity of dam will increase and water requirements of Pune city will be sufficed.


Patil said the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), the state irrigation department and army establishments in the city offered the required help in the initial stages. Besides, many social organisations across the state have shown willingness to contribute to the project.

Projects executed

  • GREEN THUMB had been involved in and around Pune,Ahmednagar, Kolhapur, Navi Mumbai and Mumbai in various projects

  • A bird santuary project called Temlai Pakshi Tirtha at Kolhapur (planted one and half lakh trees).

  • Similar project on the lines of Kolhapur called Abdul Hamid Pakshi Tirth at Ramwadi, Pune (planted approx. Two Lakhs trees).

  • Developed sewage ridden nalla into land scaped garden called Bogra Walking Plaza at Pune Cantonment (planted approx. One Lakh trees )

  • Butterfly lane at Pune cantonment (planted approx. Fifty Thousand trees).

  • Developed sewage ridden nalla into landscape garden (Wanwari) near Station workshop, Pune (planted One Lakh trees).

  • Regularly organizes environment awareness campaigns to include essay competition, slogan competition ,ban plastic campaign, nature photography in Maharashtra and in Europe.

  • Beautification of Bhairoba Nala : The Pune Municipal Corporation had entrusted this project (From Kondhwa to Wanawadi) to Green Thumb. It was completed in 2001. The aim of the project was to provide a cleaner water stream free from pollution, a nala bed full of vegetation, shrubbery & trees which can be used by the public as a park ,walking plaza or jogging track.

Also executed Nalla Park project in Jalandhar, Kasubegu ranges, Fherozpur in 2006-2007, in Punjab, Ahmednagar in 2003-2007, Deolali- Nasik in 2004, and plantations in Bedhagath- Jabalpur in 1996.

with the best wishes for a better earth tomorrow!
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