The objectives of the foundation will be as follows :

  • To impart environment conservation education through conduct of nature workshop, cadres, camp and seminars .
  • To send selected members of the foundations to different parts of India and abroad to attend meetings and conferences and to deliver lectures .
  • To invite representatives of Govt / Non Govt organisation as well as from organisation abroad , having some objectives as the foundation for attending meeting and conferences and to deliver lectures
  • To ,print ,publish ,purchase ,sell and deal in books ,journals magazines maps , photographs , slides , video film etc on or about environment conservation.
  • To provide consultancy service for environment conservation projects .
  • To promote development of equipment and store related to environment conservation.
  • To establish a permanent fund by way of grants ,donations etc and utilites the same for furtherance of environment conservation activities .
  • To encourage wildlife photography .
  • To implement energy conservation measures .
  • To integrate ex-servicemen in conservation projects .
with the best wishes for a better earth tomorrow!
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